Top 5 Tuesday: Series I Need to Finish

Hello my Top 5 Tuesday friends, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! This week’s topic was actually way more of a struggle than I thought – I tend to binge series when I start reading them, so I actually have very few:
a) Complete series I have started and not finished
b) Incomplete series that have a sequel available for me to read but I haven’t.

So several on my list this week are books where I’ve read the first one, but the sequel has not yet been released so I haven’t been able to continue! And then I did also note down a few popular series which I have somehow not managed to read at all. Which technically means I do still need to finish them too…

The Daevabad Trilogy – S.A Chakraborty

I shall start with a series I can actually continue – and I do have the sequel sitting on my shelf waiting for a day I am recovered enough from the first to continue – The Daevabad Trilogy by S.A Chakraborty. I read The City of Brass earlier this year and adored it – but it’s such an emotionally hard-hitting book that I have yet to recover enough to read The Kingdom of Copper. But I am honestly so excited to continue this series – there is so much political machinations, drama, heart-stopping-will-totally-kill-you scenes and I am both terrified and thrilled to continue this series! The third book isn’t out until 2020 so I still have time until I’ll be able to finish the whole trilogy.

The Poppy War trilogy – R.F Kuang

This is the last of my ‘available to continue but haven’t yet’ series. The Dragon Republic was released very recently, and it took so long for my pre-order to make it to Australia it has only just arrived last week. But it’s here now! And I am so excited to go back to the world of Rin and Kitay and Nezha. The worldbuilding is just incredible, R.F Kuang writes just ridiculously awesome battle scenes (fight scenes are my most dreaded part of writing and it causes me great struggle that all my WIP ideas need them). Inspired by real events, this series is so gritty, emotive, and really just hits you in the chest when you read it.

Girls of Paper and Fire trilogy – Natasha Ngan

Girls of Paper and Fire was such a brilliant debut with such a wonderful host of characters – and a f/f relationship at it’s core, which I love love loved seeing! I can’t wait until the second book is released in Novemeber and will definitely be pre-ordering. I was hooked from the very first page, the writing was just so beautiful. I found the caste system so interesting, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Feverwake duology – Victoria Lee

Absolutely no surprises to see this here! The Fever King is my favourite book (both of the year, and ever!) and I have been shaking with excitement for the sequel and finale to this duology since I first read TFK. Set in a dystopian future US, Noam survives a virus which wipes out most of the population and gives him magic. Taken in by Calix Leher, one of the most powerful men in the new country of Carolinia, Noam is trained for the army. There he meets Dara (GAH) and together the two must pick their side and try to overthrow a corrupt government. The Fever King was just exquisite in every way and I adore it so so much, and The Electric Heir is my most anticipated release of 2020 (MARCH EVERYONE PREPARE THYSELVES!).

Series I haven’t started

For my fifth ‘book’, I thought I’d talk about some of the super popular series that for some reason I’ve just never got around to reading.

A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J Maas

So I actually have the first in this series on my bookshelf – I’ll admit, I bought it this year in the wake of the anniversary of dick soap gate because I was both intrigued and utterley shocked.

The Nevernight Chronicle – Jay Kristoff

Yep never read Jay Kristoff! I really don’t have any excuses. And I believe there is a really awesome cat (kind of) in the series, which totally sounds like my cup of tea…

The Folk of the Air – Holly Black

Another major name I haven’t ever read… I do also have The Cruel Prince on my shelf so I will get around to it someday, there’s just far too many books to read!

I hope you enjoyed my list this week – let me know if you’ve also not finished any of these series!

Paws out
Rach + Draco

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