Top 5 Tuesday: Fall Reading Recommendations

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Hello from the land of Spring! Baby lambs are being born, baby birds are a-chirping and the sun is finally beginning to shine again.

Whilst it is absolutely nowhere near the lovely time of Autumn in Australia, I have actually read quite a few books which feel really Autumny recently. To me, the perfect books for Autumn are those quieter, spooky, atmospheric and mysterious books – the ones which might not have as much action and drama, but which still pack the most powerful emotional punch.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power

Ohmygosh this book is absolutely killer. This quiet horror book tells the tale of Raxter Girls School, where all the students and teachers have come down with a mysterious and deadly virus. Under quarantine, and with girls dying regularly, when Hetty’s best friend Byatt goes missing she vows to break quarantine, threatening everyone at the school for a chance to find her friend. This is a story about frienship and loyalty and giving everything up for the ones you love, no matter the cost. Set in a dark and terrifying forest, with horrors around every tree, Wilder Girls is so perfect for Autumn! I have a full review of this one coming soon!

The Weight of the Stars – K. Ancrum

I was lucky enough to get gifted this book for my birthday from my wonderful partner and I read it on holiday on a beach which I realise doesn’t sound very Autumny. BUT! This is a very quiet and understated contemporary romance, with some light sci-fi. K. Ancrum’s books are so special – from the way they are designed to the beautiful, soft prose. The Weight of the Stars tells such a beautiful story of two girls whose love will take them to the stars. The secondary characters really shine in this one, and I loved the elements of sci-fi and space travel.

The Grace Year – Kim Liggett

And back to the creepy, mysterious, dark Autumny books! The Grace Year publishes on 8 October and I was lucky enough to read an ARC of this title! In a similar vein to The Handmaid’s Tale, The Grace Year is a fiercely feminist story. When girls turn 16, they are sent outside to a camp, forced to survive a year in the haunting wild, to ‘burn off’ their magic, the magic that so tempts men. But in The Grace Year, things happen and the girls change as their magic burns off – and soon they turn against each other. This is a brilliant tale about fighting back – both quietly and loudly. It’s about the bonds between women, and how these bonds can change the world. It’s also set in another terrifying, mysterious forest where the evil Poachers lie, waiting to hunt the girls down – which makes it absolutely perfect for Autumn! Full review to come!

The Wicker King – K. Ancrum

Yes I have another K. Ancrum book on this list because they are AMAZING! Ancrum writes so atmospherically, with so much emotion, they just fit in Autumn! The Wicker King is about Jack and August, their friendship and what happens to them when Jack begins to hallucinate. Their relationship is so fiercely loyal – even when it hurts them both. It’s such an emotional book, with your heart being broken every page. And like The Weight of the Stars, the design is absolutely stunning!

Other Words for Smoke – Sarah Maria Griffin

And finally, another atomspheric, almost fairy-tale like story about a house in Ireland where something lives, and controls. The mysterious, mystical nature of the book is fantastic – the setting so picturesque and perfect for a creepy novel about owls who live in the walls and like to eat people. Not forgetting of course, the giant talking cat, a witch who can control the house, and a coming of age tale as brother and sister fall for the same person. So Autumny in it’s atmosphere and it’s spookiness!

That’s it for this week – I hope everyone enjoys these Autumny reads and I can’t wait to see what books make you think of Autumn!

Paws out,
Rach + Draco

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