Top 5 Tuesday: Authors I Need to Read

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Hi everyone,

How’s everyone’s NaNo going? We’re almost half way through the month and I’m….well…..not doing as well as I wanted to! I’m at around 12000 words currently, but I haven’t written for the past four days at all. I have a defence for 50% of those days: I had planned to catch up on Sunday for the previous two days, but ended up in bed with a horrific migraine. And then Monday, I triggered an asthma attack, I’m guessing through the combination of highest pollen level possible in Melbourne + going for a run + cleaning the bathroom with a closed door. All that means is that I’m now rather behind and getting annoyed at myself which is really not helping the whole writing process at all.

If you’re doing NaNo this year, let me know how it’s going! If you want to add me as a buddy on the site, I’m rh_aitken!


But onto Top 5 Tuesday! This week, I’m here to dream about all the authors I really need to get around to reading. Because ohmygod there are so so many and I can’t quite believe some of the names on this list.

Angie Thomas

I KNOW I’m starting with a really big author and it’s so embarassing I haven’t read any of her work yet! However, I am hopeful because I do have a stunning copy of The Hate U Give on my bookshelf currently, and so I’m definitely aiming to start reading Angie Thomas before the end of the year!

Samantha Shannon

Most of this list is going to be “sorry but in my defence I have this author on my shelf and just need to get around to reading.” I have a copy of Priory on my shelf which is very sad because I started this book, loved it, and I KNOW it’s so good, but its just so heavy to carry around on public transport that I haven’t read more than 50 pages. I’m hoping that over the Christmas break I’ll get around this, when I am able to sit down at a table and read it – hence no carrying around. I’m also really keen to read The Bone Season and very very almost joined in with the recent Boneathon, but I couldn’t get a copy in time.

Erin Morgenstern

So everyone I know seems to adore The Night Circus, and Erin Morgenstern has a new book coming out this month, which I have heard nothing but incredible things about and so I definitely need to read both of these! Luckily, I actually have The Night Circus currently borrowed from the library, so maybe that will be my next read…

SO – at the time of scheduling this post on Monday, I actually have managed to finish my library copy of The Night Circus so technically this doesn’t count anymore…However my asthma attack has left me quite exhausted so I’m keeping it on the list. Please pretend I haven’t read and adored it….

Sarah J Maas

Yes. I know. I don’t know how I’ve managed to not ever read a book by Sarah J. Maas. But somehow I have. I have ACOTAR on my shelf right now so I’ll probably start it some point soon…ish. Mainly because I feel so much shame for being pretty much the only person in the book community to not have read anything by her…

Anna-Marie McLemore

One of my favourite bloggers has been talking about McLemore for so long and I keep saying ‘I need to pick this up!’ for literally all of her books. But when I read the blurb for her 2020 release, Dark and Deepest Red, I knew without a doubt I REEEEALLLY need to get onto McLemore’s work because I am missing out on so much!


That’s it for this week and my Top 5 authors I need to read. Most of these I am fairly confident I will get to in the next few months, because I actually have a copy of all of them. But I also have copies of so many other incredible books so who knows if I’ll ever get to these. Which of these authors do you think I should read first?

Paws out,
Rach + Draco

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Authors I Need to Read

  1. Sorry to hear about your migraine and asthma!!! Now I must confess that The Priory of teh Orange Tree is also on my shelf for months, I began but ….stopped for the same reasons!


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