Top 5 Tuesday: Dear Santa…

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Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas! (Almost…) Today was my last day at work (CHEEEERS ALL AROUND) and I am currently frantically writing this post about 2 hours before I have to leave for the airport to go to Vietnam!!! Whoops for leaving it this late…. This year, I basically gave my partner a list of books from my TBR for him to surprise me with some off it, because there is no way for anyone to navigate my current Goodreads TBR. So that made writing this post soooo easy because I already have a list of 5 books I would love if ‘Santa’ (*cough* Gavin *cough*) would get me for Christmas…

The Girl in Red – Christina Henry

So after an absolutely amazing year getting really into creepy horror books, I saw this one and immediately fell in love! It just sounds so terrifying and the cover is amazing – look at that AXE and that SWAGGER – and I love retellings!! So Dear Santa, please let this book be under my tree…

The Light at the Bottom of the World – London Shah

This book was one of my most anticiapted reads this year, and because I am so bad at preordering and then October was just a month from hell, I never actually got around to buying this one! I absolutely love the concept of a London underwater and am so intrigued by the this world, so Dear Santa, please let this book be under my tree….

Brave Face – Shaun David Hutchinson

Okay so maybe not the cheeriest book in the world to get for Christmas. B U T. I’ve had a really pretty fucking awful few months with my mental health, and I’ve heard some incredible things about Shaun David Hutchinson and I really just wanted to read something hopeful from someone with lived experience of what I’m going through…so Dear Santa, please let this book be under my tree…

Ziggy, Stardust & Me – James Brandon

This one was actually one I also put on my birthday wishlist and Gavin didn’t choose it then, so I’m interested to see if he’ll remember and know I want it enough to put it on my list again in hopes of finally reading it… Historical queer fiction has absolutely killed it this year (Like a Love Story has to be one of the best books of the decade in my view!!!) and I’d love to continue reading the brilliant books in this genre. So Dear Santa, please let this book be under my tree..

Bloodlust & Bonnets – Emily McGovern

Finally, this graphic novel is from the incredible creater of the My Life as a Background Slytherin comic. I have this comic on my wall, Emily is just absolutely hilarious and therefore might be the very first person to ever get me to read a graphic novel… because I KNOW this book will just be utterly captivating and funny. So Dear Santa, if you want me to read my first graphic novel, please let this book me under my tree…


And that’s a 2019 wrap!! Wow! This has been a year! I have loved being a part of the weekly Top 5 Tuesdays and can’t wait to continue in 2020. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday period, and that you get some of the presents you hope Santa might bring!

Paws out,
Rach + Draco

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