November wrap up and blog return!

However, December is a new month, and I'm excited to spend some time on blogging again! This month, as well as some reviews from books I've read recently, I really want to focus on my extreme excitement for all of the 2020 releases we've got coming so I hope everyone is ready to add a TON of books to your TBR!

Top 5 Tuesday: Authors I Need to Read

How's everyone's NaNo going? We're almost half way through the month and I'm....well.....not doing as well as I wanted to! I'm at around 12000 words currently, but I haven't written for the past four days at all. I have a defence for 50% of those days: I had planned to catch up on Sunday for the previous two days, but ended up in bed with a horrific migraine. And then Monday, I triggered an asthma attack, I'm guessing through the combination of highest pollen level possible in Melbourne + going for a run + cleaning the bathroom with a closed door. All that means is that I'm now rather behind and getting annoyed at myself which is really not helping the whole writing process at all.

Spooktober Book Review: Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

Well I'm never getting on a boat again. Continuing my dive (hahaha) into horror, which started with Wilder Girls, I picked up Into the Drowning Deep after seeing it recommended on Twitter. And holy smokes, this book is goddamn incredible and I am now officially a fan of horror. Cue immediate reserving of several titles at the library. Into the Drowning Deep is a psychological horror set in a world where mermaids exist. Except, instead of the 'lovely ladies of the sea' we expect to find based on all our myths, we find creatures who want to eat our faces.

Spooktober: Spring Covers

Day 5 of Spooktober may seem a little weird for many of my readers - and that's because I'm talking about Spring! Here in Australia we don't get spooky, moody Autumn weather around Halloween. Instead, we are graced with rapidly alternating weather (literally 9 degrees in Melbourne when I left for work, and over 30 by the time I finished....) and the growth of new plants! So for all my Southern Hemisphere readers, here's a post for you, with some of my favourite Spring-like covers! For me, Spring represents freshness and growth and lightness. And flowers! So hopefully these beautiful covers capture that idea...

Spooktober: Cats cats cats!

Cats have so long been associated with Halloween. Maybe it's because every good witch needs their trusty cat companion? Maybe its because cats are so often associated with good or bad luck. Maybe its because cats are portrayed as evil beings who don't care about anyone? Even though we all know that's not true... So to celebrate all things cats, here is a post I have been longing to do for so long: I am finally featuring my beautiful little baby, Draco! By matching pictures of him to books....