The Book Junkie Trials TBR

Hello fellow scribes!

And mages, outlaws and bards.

So last night I was lying in bed and The Book Junkie Trials appeared on my Twitter feed, and I am shocked I had not realised this readathon was a thing before now. Because it is SO COOL.

For anyone who doesn’t know, The Book Junkie Trials are a month long readathon based around RPG-style quests. You complete a personality quiz to determine your ‘class’ (Scribe, Mage, Bard or Outlaw) and you are given a map for your quest – each class has a different map. The map shows a large kindgom with various places you need to visit to complete your quest; each place has a different reading prompt.

So I spent today frantically searching on bookshelves and TBR to find books to fulfil my Scribe Quest, and the other prompts in the (unlikely) event that I am able to complete them all! Given that I have another 5 books I have to read in July that I couldn’t find a way to fit into this prompt list, I suspect I’ll only finish my official Scribe quest, and perhaps one other class.

But for now, here is my entirely unachievable July TBR for the Book Junkie Trials!

And for the scribe quest in particular, here is my cat and some terrible sparkles because I got excited in Gimp. Tah dah! (This list is achievable!)

Let me know if you’re joining in the fun, and what your TBR is!


Paws out,
Rach + Draco

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